Meal Menu

Weekly meal menu schedule


Moring Breakfast Afternoon Lunch

Evening Dinner


Tea- bateta-Poha Rice dal , chapatti, vegetable, butter milk and sweet

Dal dhokaly, rice and butter milk

Monday Tea – coffee , fried chapatti Rice- dal , pulses, dhokali, chapatti, buttermilk Chapatti , vegetables, khichadi, buttermilk
Tuesday Tea-coffee, biscuits Dal-rice, leafy vegetables , chapatti , buttermilk Chapatti, vegetables, fried rice, and buttermilk
Wednesday Tea, Uppma Dal-rice, pulses , chapatti , buttermilk Bhakhari, vegetable, khichadi, salad and buttermilk
Thursday Tea, Gathhiya Dal-rice, dhokli, chapatti, buttermilk Chapatti, vegetable, fried khichadi, buttermilk
Friday Tea, Paratha Dal-rice, chick pea subji, chapatti, jaggery , buttermilk

Thepla, suki bhaji,


Saturday Tea puffed rice,sev Rice- Blackgram dal,leafy vegetables,chappati,jaggery,buttermilk Khichadi-kadhi,chapatti vegetables, buttermilk


Note:  Menu may differ if in case any doner want to arrange menu of their own choice or as case may be.