This organization is not receiving any grant from any government, semi-government, corporation, private organizations. It is running on donations received from valuable donors.

It is very intresting story of how this institution came into existence. Present managing trustee of this institution shree jayantibhai Patel, him self is a physiotherapist. During his service in government hospital he found many children are affected by polio or other handicapped making diseases for life time. Due to deficiency of vitamin A, many of them becomes victim of night blindness , which may lead to permanent blindness.

Jayantibhai Patel was self inspired to established institution for them looking into these circumstances. He established institution for Blind senior citizens on 16th May,1980. In 1982 he started working in a organized manner for this institution at Gandhigram area of Rajkot. Till date he is vigorously working for betterment of this institution without any setback.

The Blind-Crippled Oldagehome shaped in 1979 in Rajkot city. Blind an crippled people have to face great negligence in our society, especially among poor families. Their family-members can’t care properly due to some circumstances. The Motive of oldagehome is to give such disabled warm shelter that they can pass their rest evening in peace and devotion.

All necessary facilities given free in old-agehome to all inmates without any sort of caste, tribe or religion. Pocket money of Rs. 100/- per month is given to all old aged crippled people in our Ashram.

A modern huge complex of Oldagehome being constructed on institution’s own land, around approx 8000 sq. mts. on Kalawad Road. Construction of ground floor is of approx 24000 sq. ft. is completed, but construction of first floor is pending due to unavailability of fund. It requires 80-90 lakhs of rupees to complete it.

Moto of his life is to work for betterment of handicapped senior citizens and facilitate them in a better way in the institution. Jayantibhai himself is a blind person. All senior citizens accommodated at this ashram are provided best facilities of this generation immaterial of which cast or religion or sect they belong to. All facilities are totally free of cost.